TIMP Examples

The datasets here are largely contributed (and possibly unpublished). The owner of each dataset is noted at the top of the associated script, and must be consulted for permission before the data is used for any purpose other than demonstrating TIMP.
These scripts and datasets are also found in the tests sub-directory of the TIMP source code.
They are guarranteed to work with the version of TIMP found at R-Forge.
If you would like additional examples/examples of the application of model options not used in the examples here, please send an email.

Simple kinetic model on IR data

Simple kinetic model on visible data

Kinetic model, large simulated dataset

Kinetic model, target analysis

Spectral model, time-dependent spectral shape parameters

Model for simultaneous analysis of multiple FLIM datasets

Simultaneous analysis of two datasets, kinetic model

Kinetic model with non-negativity constraints on the spectra

Compartmental model, streak camera data

Gas Chromatography mass spectrometry data

Modeling second order reaction kinetics as described by kinetic theory models