TIMP Contributors

  • TIMP has its origins in more than 15 years of software development for applications in computational physics by Ivo van Stokkum .
  • Katharine Mullen is the package maintainer and primary developer.
  • Sergey Laptenok has contributed options for FLIM data and invaluable experience and testing on the MS Windows OS.
  • David Nicolaides has contributed options for modeling reaction kinetics as described by kinetic theory models.
  • Joris Snellenburg is currently working with Sergey Laptenok to develop TIMPGUI, a java-based cross-platform, free and open-source GUI to TIMP.
  • Alessandro Marin has contributed testing and ideas for new options.
  • Ilya Stepanenko has implmented PPViewer, a LabVIEW application for interactive exploration of data and model fit that is useful for examining TIMP datafiles and model fit output.
  • The members of the biophysics group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have motivated much of TIMP's development.